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We can help to transform your savings into a renewable source of steady income that can last throughout your lifetime.


Pacific Financial Planners

Pacific Financial Planners is a full-service financial firm dedicated to helping retirees and pre-retirees meet their long-term financial goals. We are experienced in helping clients preserve their savings, so they can use it as a source of steady income in retirement.

Pacific Financial Planners

Pacific Financial Planners is a full-service financial firm dedicated to helping those in the California area meet their long-term financial goals. Our team of financial advisors and wealth managers are experienced in helping clients preserve their savings, so they can use it as a source of steady income in retirement.

We Are a Proud Member of The Retirement Income Store®

About The Retirement Income Store

The Retirement Income Store is comprised of a national network of financial advisors who specialize in income-generating investment strategies designed to help protect your retirement savings. As a Retirement Income Store, the financial advisors at Pacific Financial Planners are uniquely qualified to help you enjoy financial peace of mind through reliable streams of income you can count on well into retirement.

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Our Services

For more than two decades, Pacific Financial Planners has helped clients better preserve their savings and increase their retirement income through comprehensive financial planning services.

At Pacific Financial Planners, we believe it is essential for those who are retired or nearing retirement to understand all the options available to help them achieve the retirement they've always envisioned.

When you work with an advisor from Pacific Financial Planners you are working with an Income Specialist who understands the best ways to help preserve your savings, so you can use it as a renewable source of income in retirement.

At Pacific Financial Planners, we believe that it is essential for those who are retired or nearing retirement to understand the best ways to navigate the complexities of planning and saving for retirement. Learn More >
We work closely with our clients to provide them with financial planning advice that gives them the best chance of achieving their long-term financial goals. Learn More >
Many people tend to minimize the value of Social Security, but Social Security benefits can be more valuable than many people realize. First of all, Social Security… Learn More >
Through our connections with qualified attorneys in the area, we can help to ensure you have an effective estate plan in place to help protect your assets and loved ones. Learn More >
Through our connections with CPAs in the area, we can help you avoid paying any more in taxes than you are legally obligated to. Learn More >
When it comes to growing your money over the long-term, studies have shown that tax advantage is one of the biggest benefits you could have in growing your money. Tax advantage is a main reason Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s are so popular when it comes to saving for retirement. Learn More >
By focusing on income-generating investments, such as bonds and bond-like instruments, we can help you establish reliable streams of income that can allow you to know, with a greater sense of certainty, what your financial future holds. Learn More >
Affluence comes with its own set of needs and challenges. We can help you implement effective wealth management strategies to help grow and preserve your wealth. Learn More >
Our wealth preservation strategies can help you keep more of what you’ve worked so hard to earn. Learn More >

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Learn More About Mandee

In preparation for her continuing the family business and taking over full time once Dee retires, Mandee Carter, the Vice President and Associate Advisor of the Carter Financial Group, has been working alongside her father running the day-to-day business and learning the ropes, so to speak, since 2017.

Mandee received her BS in Psychology in 2016 and started her career in the Financial Industry in 2010 when she started helping in the office. After acquiring her degree, she came on full-time in March 2017 as Dee’s business partner and Main Associate Advisor helping clients navigate the intricacies of investing for retirement and overall successful financial planning.

In 2021, she was named an Elite Producer with American Equity amongst other accolades.

In Mandee’s spare time, she likes to go to the gym, spend time with her boyfriend, friends and family. She is an animal lover and rescuer. She has 2 German Shepherds that she rescued from the shelter 6 years ago. She still enjoys almost all things Psychology related and is constantly researching something. She enjoys meeting new client prospects and likes speaking with her current clients. She loves helping people.